PVC Coated Wire Mesh is a welded and galvanized steel fabric coated with our proprietary marine grade polyvinyl chloride (PVC) that is fuse bonded to the wire for ultimate protection. PVC Coated Wire Mesh is galvanized after welding and manufactured using our exclusive hot-dip galvanizing and PVC coating process. Our coating method maximizes corrosion resistance by bonding the zinc and PVC coating to the wire. This process extends its service life beyond any other in the industry. Our PVC Coated Wire Mesh has a smooth, thick uniform coating that does not peel or crack even when exposed to harsh marine environments. For over years we been producing the highest quality, strongest and longest lasting PVC Coated Wire Mesh available on the market.

PVC Coated Wire Mesh Advantages:

Weather Resistant: Exhibits outstanding weather resistance in all outdoor applications by withstanding moisture, water extraction and UV light
Long Lasting: Our wire is protected with a thick layer of zinc and a high-performance weather resistant PVC coating that leads to a longer service life
Eye-Catching: A large selection of colors, patterns and sizes to choose from to add visual appeal and decorative elements to any project
Ideal for: Fencing • Animal Enclosures • Marine Traps • Greenhouse Benches • Shelving